The SP System, through a mechanical engineering design, achieves that a steel lamp installed in our roads becomes a passive safety column without making any change in its manufacture.




The SP System dismantles on its own in the case of an impact against the lighting column. On the other hand, if there is no collision, it has the same durability as any other one that does not have our system installed. If an impact occurs, neither the system nor the bolts suffer damage.


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The impact received to a 90° angle allows a controlled displacement of the light that prevents the column to fall into the road. Moreover, the system works in both directions of the highway due to its design.

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Esquema más completo INGLÉS

This system could be installed in other rigid elements that are located  close to the road, extending its field of application.

The system has the great advantage of being placed in lighting columns which have been previously installed on the road, also in new installations to be made.

There is no need of maintenance once it is installed.


It is made of galvanized steel, which has high durability against corrosion. In addition to avoid deterioration over time, when there is a vehicle collision against a lamppost with the system installed, this is reusable, which means it can be installed again after an accident, not affecting its functionality.

We highlight that with these characteristics, the SP System is installable in existing lampposts, as well as in new installations that are carried out.

These qualities make this product sustainable and environmentally friendly.



Sistemas Palazón has done the approval test according to the EN 12767 achieving the highest safety accreditation known in the world:

Vehicle impact to 100 km/h > NE 2

Vehicle impact to 35 km/h > NE 3

In terms of passive safety structures three categories of support are considered: high energy absorption (HE), low energy  absorption (LE) and no energy absorption  (NE).

Support structures without energy absorption (NE) allow the vehicle to move forward after the impact, but with a limited reduction in speed. Compared to the supporting structures with energy-absorbing, support structures without energy absorption decrease the risk of primary damage.

There are four levels of occupant safety: Levels 1, 2 and 3 ensure increasing levels of security which decrease the severity of the impact. Two trials are required for these levels:

  • Test at 35 km/h to make sure the satisfactory working of the support structure at low speed.
  • Test with Speed impact at 50 and/or 70 and/or 100 km / h.

Texts from the EN 12767.

Sistemas Palazón received a nomination in the category of road safety at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 (the biggest international traffic fair, known worldwide), which gives our system an international prestige and recognition.


SP is suitable for lamppost or post

SP is suitable for lamppost or post


SP System was nominated in safety security category in Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014.

SP System was nominated in safety security category in Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014

The system has attracted the attention of  major national media since Sistemas Palazón attended the fair Traffic in Madrid , held in October 2013.










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