This is a mechanical system to replace posts of signals broken. When a post bends or breaks and if its foundation doesn’t suffer any deformation, this system is applied.

It brings important advantages to the tasks of conservation and to the maintenance of traffic signals.

For that, the damage post is withdrawn by means of a cut on a level with the pavement. Then the post depth, which is remained inside the foundation, is checked, making sure that the piece enters completely. A circular ring of fixation paste is applied so that the disc of the system settles into the pavement. The system is completely introduced and the screw is tightened as much as possible.  So as to fix the post to that mechanical solution, some fixation paste of polyester, index or similar is applied.  Once introduced, the vertical is verified (with a plumb line).  When the setting up is finished, the post recovers its position, getting an identical functioning as the one before the breaking and then fulfilling the valid regulations.

It is applicable to posts of different measures, rectangular or round, it is detachable and after the bending of the post, due to an impact, the system doesn’t suffer and  it is reusable.

The application of this system in the replacement of a signal post reduces the exposition time of the shift of maintenance on roads in 15 minutes, increasing its safety.


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